We are so excited to announce that we’ve got a new look!  If it wasn’t obvious, our entire website has been overhauled to modernize the appearance. 

We have been collecting feedback from parents, guardians, students, and teachers and what amazing feedback it’s been. We obviously wouldn’t be able to provide the opportunities that we do without your support, so naturally we needed to act on the feedback provided.

Key Features we're proud of

Simplified Navigation

We wanted to be sure that you were able to find everything you needed by cleaning and simplifying our navigation bar. It's important to be able to look at links provided and know exactly what information you'll get when you click.

Accessibility Tools

It was very important to us that we provided a range of accessibility tools that would make our website more inclusive to everyone. While we unfortunately cannot meet all needs, we are definitely trying our best to meet as many as possible.

Secure Online Payments

We are now able to accept online payments and donations through our secure processor Stripe. This is a feature that will provide convenience from entry fees, event registrations, to donations.

 Among the updates we’re very excited to announce these key features that should make your experience more pleasant. We really wanted to focus on making critical information more readily available. 

What we're working on now

Winners & Awards

You may be asking, “Where can I find the winners”. That’s a valid question and we want to assure you we haven’t forgotten. 

In the off season, we are taking this opportunity to re-vamp how you find this information. We are actively working on a historical archive of winners.

We are expecting to utilize a new interactive table to house the information. Users will be able to type into a search bar anything that will aid them in finding the entries they want to see. You’ll be able to search by first name, last name, teachers name, category, etc.

We’ll provide an update when this is live and demo how to use it. We think you’ll be impressed and love the ease of use it provides.

Photo Gallery

Displaying participants projects and hard work is very important to us. Each and every one deserves to be in the spotlight!

We’re working on creating a filterable photo gallery that will feature the projects, participants, and photos from community events we host.

The expected gallery is to have subsections with quick access from the main navigation bar that will allow you to quickly swap between the categories.


Have a suggestion

As mentioned in our post, we are strong advocates of feedback. Have an idea that you think will help? We would love to hear from you.

Tell us!


We strongly encourage feedback and would love to hear from you. We are going through a lot of changes lately and we want to ensure we meet the needs of our community.

Oh no!

Registration is closed

We typically open registration as early as October, so please check back later. We’re working hard to take your feedback and build a bigger and better Art and Science fair. We look forward to seeing you there!

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