How you can help

Without the generosity of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers the Fair wouldn't be able to provide such amazing opportunities for our youth.
For that, we are truly grateful.

Monetary Donations

Donations of any amount are always the best way to help the Fair continue to provide valuable opportunities for our youth. Not everyone has time to volunteer, but still want to help. We completely understand! We have several options, please choose the method that fits best for you.

You can make a one time donation here and choose your own amount. Or we’d be over the moon if you considered selecting a recurring membership below.

your Donations help Provide

College Scholarships

Fair Awards

ISEF Entry & Travel

Genius Entry


Student Entry Sponsorships

Community Events

Organization Operations

Monthly Membership Tiers & Benefits


  • Two registrations for the upcoming year


  • Two registrations for the upcoming year
  • Two Pass It On registrations for the upcoming year


  • Family registrations for the year
  • Two Pass It On registrations for the upcoming year
  • One single-day workshop space


  • Family registrations for the year
  • Two Pass It On registrations for the upcoming year
  • One single workshop space and a single day workshop Pass It On
Pass It On
This is a special opportunity to pay the registration fee for someone who would not be able to participate otherwise.

In-Kind Donations

Not every donation has to be your hard earned cash. We gladly accept in-kind or gifts in kind which instead of giving money give allow for several options be it a good or service. Think you may have something that you could help us with or provide? Give us a call and let’s chat!


Examples of In-Kind donations

Other ways to Support

Our Caps Your Cause

For every cap code redeemed, Prairie Farms will donate 5 cents to the charity of your choice.* When a charity reaches a 1,000 point goal, we send them a check for $50.

1. Begin by purchasing Prairie Farms milk in plastic gallon or plastic half gallon containers.
2. Peel off the Prairie Farms cap sticker to reveal a unique, redeemable code.
3. Select “Mastodon Fair, Hillsboro, MO” where it says to select an organization.
4. Enter cap codes.
5. Click the donate button.

Check out the list of eligible items directly from Prairie Farms themselves here!


Do you have a talent, a service, or an opportunity that you would like to share with the Fair? We are always looking for more people to help throughout the year, and there is a spot for you with us! A couple of hours of your time makes a big difference.

Our volunteers, including judges, provide over 3,000 hours of manpower. It takes that, and more each year to run the Fair. Fill out our volunteer form so we can help find the perfect place for you.

Qualified judges are people who have either a degree in art or science, or work in a relevant field as a profession.

Because you share your knowledge, skills, talent, and time to judge the projects, the Fair will remain a prestigious event for the students!

Who are our judges? They’re teachers, undergraduates, graduates, retirees, and professionals in many fields of science. Many of our previous winners become judges, during and after college, because they know first-hand the value of the Fair.

Not sure if you’re eligible? Go ahead and fill out the volunteer form below and we’ll give you a call!


We strongly encourage feedback and would love to hear from you. We are going through a lot of changes lately and we want to ensure we meet the needs of our community.

Oh no!

Registration is closed

We typically open registration as early as October, so please check back later. We’re working hard to take your feedback and build a bigger and better Art and Science fair. We look forward to seeing you there!

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