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Would you like a free registration for the students in your school?  If your school holds a “Hats on for Mastodon” day or similar fundraiser, your school receives one free registration for every $5 raised!  We request that all fundraisers take place prior to March 1 of the same year your school is entering the Fair competition in order for us to be able to enter the payment information into our records to expedite Check-In for your school.

Steps for holding a School Fundraiser:

  1. Choose the date of the fundraiser and the activity.  The event must be held prior to March 1 of the same year your school is entering the Fair competition.
  2. Publicize the event at the participating school(s).
  3. Notify the Fair via e-mail with the following information no later than March 1 of the same year that your school is entering the Fair competition. Please send an e-mail to
    • The amount of money raised.
    • How the money is to be paid to the Fair. (Please make payable to Mastodon Fair.)
    • How the money is to be delivered to Mastodon Fair – by mail, delivered at Check-In, etc. If mailing, please send to Mastodon Fair, c/o Jefferson College, 1000 Viking Drive, Hillsboro, MO 63050.
    • List of the student names (first and last) from your school(s) who are to receive the free registrations from this fundraiser and if each student’s entry is in Art or Science.
    • Your contact information so that we may contact you should there be questions about the information submitted.

If you are not able to raise enough funding to cover all of the student entries for your school, then the $10 entry fee for each of the remaining entries will apply.  Please see the Rules for other entry fee payment options.

If you would like to present the fundraising check to the Fair at a school board meeting, school assembly, or other event, please e-mail the Executive Director at, to schedule having a Fair representative attend.

Below are some documents to help with administration and marketing of your School Fundraiser.

Steps for Holding a Mastodon School Fundraiser (pdf / doc)
Hats on for Mastodon Parent Note (pdf / doc)
Poster (pdf / doc)
Return Form (pdf / doc)

We hope this will help with budget issues and allow the students to showcase their excellence!

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