Checking-in a project can be a busy and exciting time, so we’ve created a checklist to help with presenting your science experiment.

Grades K – 8 Exhibits:

Grades 9 – 12 Exhibits:

Tape a copy of the completed Science Registration form including all required signatures to the outside of an 9” x 12” envelope. Bring this envelope to Check-In at the Fair.

Copies of these signed forms must be brought with the exhibit at Exhibit Check-In. Some exhibits will require additional forms depending upon research area.

You will also need to attach the three exhibit ID labels to your exhibit: one at the front (top and left) of the exhibit, another at the back (top and center), and the third on your lab notebook.

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Check-In: Exhibits must be delivered to the Jefferson College Field House during the designated Exhibit Check-In and Placement times. Each exhibit must have its barcode scanned at check-in and exhibits not scanned will be disqualified.

Project Pick-up: If it is a group project, please confirm who is picking up the project. Any remaining projects will be placed in the Field House lobby and may be dismantled or destroyed. Project will only be available until trash removal on the Monday following the Fair week.