Portfolio Scholarships 9-12 *

Art Portfolio Scholarship

The Art Portfolio Scholarship is the major award for the high school art division.  It is presented by an individual ninth to twelfth grade student whose portfolio is considered the most outstanding body of work entered in the current Mastodon Art/Science Regional Fair.  The scholarship awards will be given for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place, with an Honorable Mention Ribbon.  Please Note: All art exhibits MUST comply with the Mastodon Fair Exhibit Rules, Display Guidelines, and the rules regarding entry.

Rules and Procedures for the Art Portfolio Scholarship

  • Student has met the eligibility requirements of the Mastodon Fair.
  • Student must be in grades 9 – 12.
  • Student has elected to enter the Art Portfolio Scholarship competition by checking the appropriate box when registering.
  • A student that has elected to compete in the Art Portfolio Scholarship competition may also elect to submit a single art exhibit that will be displayed with the Floor Displays and judged along with other art exhibits.  This exhibit must comply with the rules and guidelines of the Mastodon Fair.  All visual media art will be considered.
  • Portfolio applicants have the opportunity to display several of their pieces on the floor in a 30′ W x 40′ H space that will be marked off so no possible damage may come to their work.

An Art Scholarship exhibit is allowed larger dimensions. Meaning all pieces together cannot exceed the dimensions listed below.

Wall: Exhibit must fit within a 4′ x 4′ square space.
Table: Exhibit must fit within a 4′ x 4′ square space, not to exceed 4′ in height.

A student that has elected to enter the Art Portfolio Scholarship competition must submit a portfolio.  The portfolio must be submitted during Exhibit Check-In.

Portfolio Requirements:

  1. Attached to the front of the portfolio:
    • Student name
    • Entry ID Number
    • Grade Level
    • Student’s phone number
    • Student’s High School Name
    • Student’s Teacher’s Name
    • Project Label as E-mailed to Teacher (or all necessary information handwritten)

2. The portfolio must include the appropriate number of items as required.

Students in the following grade levels should bring:

      • Grade 9: Four or more pieces. (50% of work should be from past 2 years)
      • Grade 10: Four or more pieces. (50% of work should be from past 2 years)
      • Grade 11: Five or more pieces. (50% of work should be from past 2 years)
      • Grade 12: Six or more pieces. (50% of work should be from past 2 years)

3. The portfolio should contain the student’s best work and a sketchbook.  The work does not have to be matted.  All work should be in good condition.  The work should contain a minimum of four different media, such as examples of drawings, paintings, photographs, animation art, digital painting, and three dimensional work (photographs of 3-D work are acceptable).  No cartoons unless they are the student’s original creation.  Please limit copied work to no more than one piece.  A self-portrait is recommended.


Preliminary judging: The Art Review Committee (ARC) will review the portfolio.  These works will be used to determine the four finalists.  The finalists will be notified through the contact information provided on the porfolio.

The finalists must be available for the Finalist Interview at a specified time.  If a finalist cannot be present for the Finalist Interview the student is disqualified from the Art Scholarship. (See the calendar for the scheduled interview time.)

Finalists should be prepared to answer questions that deal with the following: their thoughts about their portfolio, subject matter, materials and techniques, how their work has developed, and future plans.

Finalist Judging Criteria:

  • Technical Skills – demonstration of the understanding of materials used.
  • Originality – original ideas, use of materials, approach to work. (No more than one copied piece).
  • Creativity – creative solutions to artistic problems and connection to other disciplines
  • Articulation – ability to describe the work verbally

All finalists should be present and will receive recognition at the Awards Ceremony, where the winners will be announced.

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