Art Judging Criteria *

Each exhibit is judged separately and will be judged on its own merit, in competition with other exhibits in its grade level. The Art Review Committee (ARC) will give consideration to the degree to which the judging criteria standards have been met. The ARC will evaluate each exhibit using a point system giving up to the maximum value and their decision is final. Since we do not make any scores known to the public, the ARC are encouraged to leave constructive notes to help and motivate students.

Judging Process:

  1. Each exhibit will be scored based on the point breakdown as listed below and the points will be added up for an individual score.
  2. The individual scores are averaged together to form the project’s overall score.

Judging Criteria:

    Each of the sections listed below can be awarded a maximum number of points as listed in each section. Adding all sections results in a total possible score of 100 points.

Creativity & Originality (30 pts)

  • Is there originality?
  • Is there a creative use of material/technique?
  • Does the student show an in-depth knowledge of the subject?

Composition & Design (45 pts)

  • Do the lines within the composition have balance and harmony?
  • Is the proportion correct?
  • Is there good use of solids and voids?
  • Is there a natural and logical sequence, a flow from one point of interest to another?

Craftsmanship & Skill (25 pts) 

  • Is the exhibit neat and attractive?
  • Is it within the required size limits and age appropriate?
  • Is there an obvious effort in framing/presentation?

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