All art projects MUST comply with the Art Exhibit Rules and the Art Display Guidelines.

1. Exhibit work must have been completed within the year prior to the Fair. The exhibit must be the ORIGINAL work of the student. Be aware of copyright laws. Teachers, parents, and others may only advise.

2. Exhibits must adhere to all Federal, State, Local laws, and Host institution regulations.

3. Mastodon Fair, at the discretion of the Art Director, reserves the right to remove any exhibit that may be considered offensive or inappropriate from display. Any exhibit that is removed will be disqualified, and all decisions are final.

4. NO SUBSTITUTIONS after the registration deadline:

a. One student cannot be substituted for another. (For example: C. Smith completed the registration form and has chosen not to participate. W. Brown cannot take the place of C. Smith).
b. No changes in category. (Examples: A science project cannot change from biology to chemistry. An art exhibit cannot change from drawing to photography. An art exhibit cannot change from wall to table or vice versa.) Exceptions are made only if it is determined that the Fair was at fault.

5. Exhibits should not be identifiable to the public and judges by either student, teacher, or school name. Any information or symbols from a previous competition must be removed from the exhibit. This includes failure to cover signature, student’s face or name, if visible. (Use a 3×5 card over names or smiley-face stickers over faces on photos.)

6. All equipment and materials exhibited during the Fair are entered at the risk of the exhibitor. Jefferson College, the Mastodon Fair, and the sponsors will not be responsible for loss or damage to any exhibit or part thereof. It is recommended that any items of value should be fastened securely so that they cannot be easily removed and keep additional hard, or electronic, copies of important documents.

7.  Mastodon Fair and the Scientific Review/ISB committee reserve the right to remove any items from the exhibit that do not adhere to the aforementioned rules and guidelines. If these items cannot be removed, the exhibit will be removed in its entirety, and disqualified. These decisions are final.

8. DISQUALIFIED EXHIBITS are not judged and do not receive ribbons or other awards.

Exhibits will be disqualified for the following violations:

1. Incomplete or incorrect information on Mastodon Fair registration forms that are not corrected by the close of check-in at the Fair.

2. Failure to follow the safety and display regulations. If items in not in compliance cannot be removed, the entire exhibit will be removed from display.

3. Any exhibit deemed inappropriate by the Fair Directors will be removed. All decisions are final.

4. If the project overlaps a 2×2 area. (See Scholarship Competition for exception)

5. If the project is framed. (Matting is encouraged within space limits)

6. Failure to include 3×5 card of work title and artist statement on art projects.