Art Display Guidelines **

All art projects MUST comply with the Art Exhibit Rules and the Art Display Guidelines.

Exhibit Size and Type: 

  • Wall: Exhibit must fit within a 2′ x 2′ square space.  Matting is encouraged.
  • Table: Exhibit must fit within a 2′ x 2′ square space, not to exceed 4′ in height.
  • Please Note: An Art Scholarship exhibit is allowed larger dimensions of 4′ x 4′, not to exceed 4′ in height. 

Artist Statement:

Exhibitors are required to include an artist statement. Title your work on a 3×5 inch card and include your thoughts of how the project was created, media used, or other special considerations. Attach this card to your exhibit below the bar code label.

Allowed on Exhibit (with restrictions):

  • The name and school of exhibitor is to be concealed until after judging. Write on the back of the project.
  • The Artist’s Statement written on a 3 x 5 in card and fixed to the bottom, left corner.
  • Any apparatus with unshielded belts, pulley, chains, or moving parts with tension or pinch points, or electrical devices should not be operable by the general public.

Not Allowed on Exhibit:

  • Frames of any material. (Matting is encouraged)
  • Awards and/or medals from other competitions
  • Living organisms, including plants
  • Taxidermy specimens or invertebrate animals
  • Human/animal parts or body fluids
  • Poisons, drugs, controlled substances, hazardous substances or devices (Examples: firearms, ammunition, cigarettes)
  • Human or animal food
  • Sharp items (Examples: knives, nails)
  • Flames or highly flammable materials
  • Preserved vertebrate or invertebrate animals
  • Laboratory/household chemicals or liquids, (including water)
  • No tanks that contain or previously contained combustible liquids or gases
  • Any apparatus deemed unsafe by the Art Review committee.