About Our Board Members

Executive Board of Directors — Officers:

Bill Johns — President
(Term Expires 2022)
I started with the Fair in February of 2017. Currently I volunteer with the Knights of Columbus, Boy Scouts, and the Elks. My involvement with the Fair has been judging science and helping wherever needed.


Jane Breeze — Vice President (Term Expires 2022)
I became a member of the Board in March of 2019. My oldest son has previously participated in the art portion of the Fair. I became involved with the Fair to help continue it’s legacy and promote growth in the areas of art and science.


Lindsay Marlow — Secretary & Family Expo Coordinator (Term Expires 2022)
My tenure with the Board started in May of 2018. I have volunteered at many places over the years and it is a passion of mine to help. My daughter has been in the Fair several times over the years. We loved the Family Day and looked forward to coming to the fair each year. I am on the Board because I love to volunteer and I love kids! This is a great way to help and make a positive impact on a large number of kids and the community.

Jacob Ginger — Treasurer (Term Expires 2022)
I have been on the Board since February of 2017. Previously I was a Blue Ribbon Winner in 1992.


Samantha DeClue — Executive Director
I started with the Fair in February of 2018 as Operations Manager and then was elected to become the Executive Director in April of the same year. Previously I have been a volunteer with the Crystal City Elementary PTO, Girls Scouts, and Cub Scouts. The Fair is a once in a year event that allows students a venue not otherwise available to display their skills and knowledge. My wish is to help those students to thrive.


Executive Board of Directors — Members:

Bob Brazzle —
Board Member & Science Director
Previously I was the Science Director for over a year and a half.  I rejoined the Fair in the same capacity in October of 2019. I want to help guide STEM education experiences in Jefferson County.


Rick Fischer — Board Member
My history with the Fair spans over 25 years. I rejoined the Board in May of 2018 want to help promote the Fair throughout the community.


Nancy Foy — Board Member

I came on with the Fair in September of 2019 in hopes to make the Fair more well known and expand the areas and their knowledge of the Fair. My background includes volunteering and helping with fundraising, which will be what I am also doing with the Fair.

Sharon Greco —
Board Member
I am a member of Kiwanis, and have been with the Fair for ten plus years. My reason for being with the Fair is that I want the kids involved in the Fair to someday be able to come and work diligently and happily in a position like I am.


Anthony Merseal — Board Member
I came onto the Board in February of 2020, after having attended the Nite at the Races event for many years. My position at Jefferson College has had my knowledge of the Fair close for years. It was just a matter of time before I came more closely involved.


Danielle West — Board Member

Fair Committee:

Brandy Phipps-Stamps — Art Director
I started with the Fair in December of 2018 and have been updating the Art Division to make it similar to how art students are scored in college and competitions throughout the area and beyond.

Vacant — Awards Coordinator

Vera McCullough — Executive Director Emeritus

Sonja Ecton — Fair Committee Secretary

Nancy Dubuque — Ribbons Coordinator

Bob Brazzle — Science Director

Art Review Committee:

Kira Baker

Afton Joiner

Jenny X Lin

Christine Tipton

Shane Weatherholt

Science Review Committee/Institutional Review Board:

Diane Rockwell — Committee Chair

Bob Brazzle — Member

Charles Freeman — Member

Shane Gordon — Member