VOID 2016 Registration Is Now Closed


We’re glad you’re planning to submit an experiment!  We hope you’ll have an amazing time working on it and learning new things.  Before you can get started registering, you’ll need a bit of information:

1.  Exhibit Title
2.  Category
3.  Name and Contact Information of Participants

All three items can be edited at any time prior to submission to the Fair. Once registration has been completed, they can no longer be changed.

Exhibit Divisions: 

K-2 Class: Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade students may enter as a member of a class exhibit.  Maximum: 35 students. On Registration/entry form, enter the name of the teacher and grade level on ‘Student 1’ space. (Example: Ms. Smith, First Grade).
Attach a list of individual students names to the registration form.

Grades K-8: A student may enter one Individual or one Group exhibit, with a maximum of three students in a group.

Required Safety Form:

Grades K-8 – Grades K-8 may use the Mastodon Fair [download id=”39″] for certain types of exhibits only.  If your exhibit type is not in the list, you will need to download the appropriate form from the ISEF Safety Forms found in the 9th-12th forms.

Grades 6-8 – ISEF Safety Forms are required to be eligible for the Broadcom Master’s award.

You must have the bar code labels on your projects, but you do NOT need to bring a copy of the Science entry form(s) with you to Exhibit Check-In.  If you have already submitted the Safety form (either ISEF or Simple Safety form) to ScienceDirector@mastodonfair.org, and received confirmation they’ve been received, they you do NOT need to bring a copy of the safety forms!

Email your Safety form as a PDF to ScienceDirector@mastodonfair.org today or by March 1.  After March 1, you must bring the paper with you to check-in.


Online registration costs $10 per entry or 4 hours of volunteering.  There are a limited number of scholarships for registration costs for those with extenuating circumstances. Please fill out this form to apply.

1. Please read all of the following instructions before beginning online registration. It is recommended that you turn off any pop-up blockers you may have on your computer.

2. If this is your first visit, you will be asked to fill in your name, email address, and contact information. Click the ‘Register’ button and you should receive an email shortly with your password. Return to the Login page, enter your email address and password in order to continue registering your exhibit.

If you have already set up an account, you may login and enter exhibits into the Fair, edit information in previous entries, print copies of the entry forms and exhibit ID labels and more.

3. It is recommended that you click on ‘Preferences’ at the top of the page and completely fill in the information. This will allow the information to be auto-filled into the registration forms.

4. Choose SCIENCE and either “Enter by Teacher/Homeschool” or “Enter by Parent/Guardian”. When you have finished filling in the required information and click on the Submit button, an Adobe Acrobat PDF file will be generated.  This file will include a copy of the completed Mastodon Fair entry form, the Exhibit ID labels, and further instructions.

Group projects require ONE copy of the Mastodon Fair form for EACH student signed by the student and their respective parent/guardian.

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