Getting Started

Participation Eligibility: Students in grades K-12 who attend public, private, or home schools in Missouri: Crawford, Franklin, Jefferson and Washington Counties; and in Illinois: Brown County are eligible to enter a SCIENCE project through their teacher or parents/legal guardian.

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This year’s optional project focus is sustainability. All grades are eligible to enter a project with this focus for a chance at additional prizes. Please review the Special Competitions for complete details.

Whether you’re a returning student, or are just getting started, there are several things you’ll want to think about as you begin to plan your science fair project.

First, things to consider:

  • Do you want an Individual or a Group project?
  • Are you interested in Chemistry, Medicine, or one of our other categories?
  • What question or problem would you like to address?
  • Does your experiment fall within the exhibit rules?
  • Consumer product testing cannot be done by 5th – 12th grade.


  • K-2nd grade are eligible for class projects (up to 30 students on a single project).
  • What question or problem would you like to address?
  • Which of our many categories are you interested in?

Scientific Process Part I – Write a Research Plan for your experiment:

  • Experiment – What are you intending to do?
  • Hypothesis – What idea, relationship or model will you be testing?
  • Procedure – What steps are involved?
  • Materials – What all will you need?

Scientific Process Part II – Begin your experimentation:

  • Set-up the experiment or conduct your observations.
  • Make notations for controls, knowns, and unknowns.

Scientific Process Part III – Analyzing your results and drawing conclusions:

  • Statistical Analysis / Deviation
  • Summary
  • Are your results consistent with the hypothesis?

Presenting your experiment at the Science Fair:

Now that you’ve completed your experiment and are ready to present your results at the Mastodon Fair, our other pages will help walk you through these steps.