Registration Opening

Online Registration Opens **Due to Technical Difficulties This Date Has Been Delayed, Please Check Back Frequently for Updates. Target Is Mid-November or Before.**

March 1: Digital Art Project DVDs due. Send DVD to the Fair Office.

Please read instructions below BEFORE beginning Online Registration.

There is a $10 entry fee per exhibit.  Please see payment options below.

 Online Registration Instructions

1. Please read all of the following instructions before beginning online registration. It is recommended that you turn off any pop-up blockers you may have on your computer.

2. If this is your first visit, you will be asked to fill in your name, email address, and contact information. Click the ‘Register’ button and you should receive an email shortly with your password. Return to the Login page, enter your email address and password in order to continue registering your exhibit.

If you have already set up an account, you may login and submit new exhibits, edit information in previous entries, print copies of the entry forms and exhibit ID labels and more.

3. It is recommended that you click on ‘Preferences’ at the top of the page and completely fill in the information. This will allow the information to be auto-filled into the registration forms.

4. Choose ART and either “Enter by Teacher/Homeschool” or “Enter by Parent/Guardian”.

5. Proceed with inputting registration information as prompted.

If you are submitting an exhibit that is in Grades K-2 and is a Class project, there is a maximum of 35 students allowed. When registering, enter the name of the teacher and grade level on ‘Student 1’ space. (Example: Ms. Smith, First Grade).  Then in ‘Step 3’ enter the complete list of students names.

All grades may enter an exhibit as a Team.  Team exhibits are allowed a maximum of 3 students.  Team projects require 1 printed entry form for each student signed by the student and their respective parent/guardian.

Please note that if a student submits a project as part of a Class or Team, they may not enter another exhibit as an Individual.

6. When you have finished filling in the required information and click on the Submit button, an Adobe Acrobat PDF file will be generated. This file will include a copy of the completed Mastodon Fair Art entry form, the Exhibit ID labels and further instructions.  DO NOT print out the Exhibit ID labels until you receive an email notification letting you know the labels are ready to print, approximately one week after Registration closes.

Payment Options

Payment methods for Individuals:

  • Pay via cash, credit, debit, check, or purchase order at Exhibit Check-In.  Please make checks and purchase orders payable to “Mastodon Fair.”

Payment methods for Schools:

  • Pay via cash, credit, debit, check, or purchase order.  Please make checks and purchase orders payable to “Mastodon Fair.”  If submitting a single payment for all students please provide a list of the student names and their Exhibit ID numbers that the payment is for.
  • Schools may do a fundraiser to receive a 50% registration fee discount.  Schools will receive one exhibit registration for every $5 raised.  Please verify with your school’s superintendent for details and if this applies to your students.  Information on how to host a fundraiser are at 
  • Schools may apply for some or all of their students’ registration fees to be paid for by a Mastodon Fair Angel Sponsor. Please verify with your school’s superintendent for details and if this applies to your students. If your school would like to receive sponsorship please go to–involved/mastodon-angels/school/ to submit a school sponsorship application form.   Email the Mastodon Fair Director at for more information.