Kindergarten through 12th grade students are invited to enter an Art exhibit into the Mastodon Fair for a chance to win ribbons, prizes and scholarships. There are some additional special competitions that students can enter as well. All grades are divided and judged by grade level.

All Art entries must abide by the Mastodon Fair Exhibit Rules, Display Guidelines, and the rules regarding entry. Please be aware that these have been updated and it is recommended you review them for changes that may affect you.

How to choose a subject:

  1.  Go with your passions – create what you love.
  2. If you’ve been to the Fair before, think of things you haven’t seen before. Be creative!

If you have an art project in mind, or are looking for more information about the Mastodon Fair, we encourage you to start with our Getting Started page. This will walk you through the necessary steps of creating a Mastodon Fair exhibit, from: learning more about the Fair, picking a category, registering for the Fair, and what is needed for presenting your project.